Local Music Videos

Being a guy with such short attention span, I’ve always been fond of music videos. Music videos are used as a kind of advertising scheme for the public to buy the artists’ records. While some of these just make videos just for the sake of it, or just throw in scantily-clad women in the mix to attract viewers; there are music videos where the makers really put a lot of time and imagination into it.

Let me show you some Filipino Music Videos that didn’t go with the norm and developed a unique style of their own:

1. Manila – Sandwich

Sandwich always had very good music videos. From songs like Masilungan or Procrastinator, they always used different methods in showing the story of their songs. In their song Manila, they had Team Manila shoot photos of urban scenes in the Manila and presented in a very unique manner.

2. Different Worlds – Pupil

The second video is Different Worlds from Pupil. I like the simplicity of the video, with friends (more like fans) surrounding them in an unplugged-like performance.

3. Sana – Up Dharma Down

Up Dharma Down has this unique music style that certainly deserves a unique music video. Sana features a Family Computer style look to the video. It has great production design, original idea, Jessica Mendoza (from Magic 89.9 and Ateneo’s courtside reporter) and Kuya Bodjie (from Batibot). Now, is that an awesome combination or what?

4. Hiling – Silent Sanctuary

Now, this might be a surprise to some but Silent Sanctuary’s Hiling, though not really that popular of a video, is one of the most amazing pieces of work I’ve seen in a while. The story of the video and the way they arranged the scenes is fantastic.

5. Muli – Bamboo

This is a great song with great lyrics. Like Silent sanctuary’s video, Muli‘s cinematography and direction is fantastic. The story line is great, and the way the video transitions from illustrations to the live shots are awesome. Great skateboarding shots too!

Local Music Videos

One thought on “Local Music Videos

  1. andreidae says:

    I love these MVs..especially Different worlds and “Hiling”..how I wished Im part of D.W’s MV.. and “Hiling” has this nice storyline where the girl chose to sacrifice their relationship for the guy’s future..(aww..) well, I’ve always been a fan of Silent Sanctuary’s songs..and I love Pupil too!! 🙂

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