Blog Action Day Post: Don’t Be A Jerk, Save the World

Been busy this past week so I kind of forgot to write my Blog Action Day post. But hey, it’s still the 15th on the other side of the world so here it goes.

In recent years, mostly because of the 2006 documentary The Inconvenient Truth,  people have become aware of Climate Change. Climate Change, in its most simple definition, is the change in the average weather or a change in the distribution of weather events in the world (extreme weathers in different parts of the world).

Though it is a normally occurring phenomena, industrialization and several other human factors have contributed to the sudden shift in the weather. Here in the Philippines, people have experienced the impact of climate change by having to go through successive devastating typhoons.


And though people have been trying to think of ways to deal with the destruction of these typhoons, we, in our own little way, can stop this from ever happening again.

Clean up

I’ve always been teased when I get trash (candy wrappers, pieces of paper, etc.) from my classmates and put them in my bag. But every little thing we do helps. Floods that ravaged our country are, in part, caused by bad trash segregation and disposal. It may be a cliche, but one of the easiest ways todo our part is still to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Save energy

It doesn’t cost much to change our light bulbs to energy saving ones. They’re brighter, and in the long run, will cause our energy consumption (and electricity expenses) to decrease. Other ways to save energy is to turn off electrical appliances when they’re not in use and to carpool. It will save you money and save the earth in the process.

Change the way you think

Managing climate change will be a lot easier if we change the way we think. Think about the long term effect of what we do with the environment. Buying an energy-saving appliance or car may be expensive now, but it will cost us less in the long run. Same goes with converting to sustainable energy. Cleaning up and recycling may be time consuming now, but its long term effects are advantageous to us and our planet. If we consciously change the way we do things and think not just for our own benefit but for the benefit of others and our children, our efforts can culminate into decreasing waste and slow down the impact of climate change.

Get the word out

Use any means available to you to spread the word about climate change and how we can help in slowing it down. You don’t have to be an activist to do this. If you’re a blogger, blog about it. If you’re connected with the government, call your local congressman (just hope he listens to you). Urge others to do their own, small part in the fight against climate change. On December 7-18, there will be a UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen; there are online petitions to urge world leaders to enact laws and take charge against climate change.

The small things we do can have a impact on the environment. It’s our responsibility to be more proactive to ensure that we’re part of the solution against climate change.

Click here to check on other things you can do to stop global warming.

Blog Action Day Post: Don’t Be A Jerk, Save the World

One thought on “Blog Action Day Post: Don’t Be A Jerk, Save the World

  1. Ana Buenavista says:

    Great article! Very informative and practical.
    I recently gave up my SUV for an energy efficient car and I just enjoy it as much and love the savings that I’m getting.

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