One Of Those Days

It’s just one of those days wherein everything seems to go wrong and I’m too bored to write in some systematic way. Whenever this happens, I tend to write in bullet form kind of like this and this.

One awesome thing that happened:

Several relatives came from the States to attend my nephew’s christening. It’s nice to have them visit and spend time with us even with their hectic schedules.

Now for the shitstorm:

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One Of Those Days

Baboosh OsBin

Six months ago, I was texted by a friend of mine to go to a local government hospital and pass my resume. I was told to find the chief nurse and talk to her personally. I didn’t even know if she was expecting me or not. I readily prepared my things. Several copies of my resume. Check. My credetials. Check. A freaking hot long-sleeved polo to wear. Check. If only I had known that I would be instantly given a schedule for the following week even if I wore a shirt and jeans combo, I wouldn’t have worn that stupid long-sleeved polo. 

Several days passed. I was a noob nurse. A fucking moron. I needed people to help me do the most mundane things. People who I thought were snobbish and assholes when I was a student were great and fucking awesome in reality. I need to stress that fucking awesome part. 

Several weeks passed. I was mediocre. I made mistakes because I didn’t ask for help most of the time. I was trying to prove to others and to myself that I deserved to be there. That I can handle things. I accidentally hit one slightly mentally-unstable patient in the head with a metal chart. We called security. After the dust settled, hilarity ensued. 

Several months passed. I started to believe in my awesomeness. I was going toe to toe with hard-headed patients. Some of my co-volunteers and I started to develop some kind of friendship. Alcohol flows. Staff members were starting to treat me like their equal. It was awesome (refer to the fucking awesome part above). I was doing things on my own. So much so that some (about one or two) staff nurses chose to leave me alone to do their jobs for them. Retards. But I still love them in my own way.

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Baboosh OsBin

Earth Hour 2010

In 2007, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and The Sydney Morning Herald conceived a program convincing more than 2 million Sydney residents to turn off their non-essential lights.

This led to the now global event known as Earth Hour in which every last Saturday of March, cities from around the world participate by turning off electrical appliances and non-essential lights for one hour in order to raise awareness towards climate change.

Now, even if some people, institutions, and cities have reservations and criticisms about the event, it is still a start in dissemination of awareness regarding the crucial issue of climate change.

The 2010 Earth Hour will take place on March 27 at 8:30pm and I urge everybody to participate in it and sacrifice an hour of comfort for the Earth.

Here’s the (freaking awesome) Earth Hour 2010 Official Video:

Earth Hour 2010

Crushed Idealism and Office Politics

When I got my first job, like other new graduates, I was a little idealistic. I mean, we’re all so excited to get a paying job that we’re all a little bit naive about the true dynamics of the working environment. We thought that we’ll just go out there, work, get paid, and go home. Go in, and get out. No attachments involved. Little did we realize that there are things such as office politics that make our working lives a living hell.

If you think that office politics is bad in your workplace, you have to try working in a government institution. There, it doesn’t matter how good you are or how great your work ethics are. The only thing that matters is who you know and what their position is in the administration. It sucks a little bit but the cynic me realizes that this is the hard, cold truth that young people must realize so that they won’t get hurt so much if (or when) “the Man” bites them in the ass.

So, you just have to accept if you’re removed because you were sick, if a person gets hired even if they just got in and had tons of absences, if a dumb person gets ahead of you in the corporate ladder because her cousin is the mayor, and if they treat you like crap because you don’t know any important people in the government.

Hey, that’s life.

At least you’re not old, desperately pretending to be young, trying to convince people that you’re not an asshole.

Crushed Idealism and Office Politics