Crushed Idealism and Office Politics

When I got my first job, like other new graduates, I was a little idealistic. I mean, we’re all so excited to get a paying job that we’re all a little bit naive about the true dynamics of the working environment. We thought that we’ll just go out there, work, get paid, and go home. Go in, and get out. No attachments involved. Little did we realize that there are things such as office politics that make our working lives a living hell.

If you think that office politics is bad in your workplace, you have to try working in a government institution. There, it doesn’t matter how good you are or how great your work ethics are. The only thing that matters is who you know and what their position is in the administration. It sucks a little bit but the cynic me realizes that this is the hard, cold truth that young people must realize so that they won’t get hurt so much if (or when) “the Man” bites them in the ass.

So, you just have to accept if you’re removed because you were sick, if a person gets hired even if they just got in and had tons of absences, if a dumb person gets ahead of you in the corporate ladder because her cousin is the mayor, and if they treat you like crap because you don’t know any important people in the government.

Hey, that’s life.

At least you’re not old, desperately pretending to be young, trying to convince people that you’re not an asshole.

Crushed Idealism and Office Politics

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