Baboosh OsBin

Six months ago, I was texted by a friend of mine to go to a local government hospital and pass my resume. I was told to find the chief nurse and talk to her personally. I didn’t even know if she was expecting me or not. I readily prepared my things. Several copies of my resume. Check. My credetials. Check. A freaking hot long-sleeved polo to wear. Check. If only I had known that I would be instantly given a schedule for the following week even if I wore a shirt and jeans combo, I wouldn’t have worn that stupid long-sleeved polo. 

Several days passed. I was a noob nurse. A fucking moron. I needed people to help me do the most mundane things. People who I thought were snobbish and assholes when I was a student were great and fucking awesome in reality. I need to stress that fucking awesome part. 

Several weeks passed. I was mediocre. I made mistakes because I didn’t ask for help most of the time. I was trying to prove to others and to myself that I deserved to be there. That I can handle things. I accidentally hit one slightly mentally-unstable patient in the head with a metal chart. We called security. After the dust settled, hilarity ensued. 

Several months passed. I started to believe in my awesomeness. I was going toe to toe with hard-headed patients. Some of my co-volunteers and I started to develop some kind of friendship. Alcohol flows. Staff members were starting to treat me like their equal. It was awesome (refer to the fucking awesome part above). I was doing things on my own. So much so that some (about one or two) staff nurses chose to leave me alone to do their jobs for them. Retards. But I still love them in my own way.

 Last Monday marked my 6th month stay in the hospital. It also marked my last day. I, along with some “old-timer” volunteers, told our chief nurse that we wouldn’t be extending our tenure as a volunteer nurse even if she was already planning to put us in the next rotation. 

Personally, I thought that I got what I wanted from the place. I got to learn a lot of stuff about the inner workings of a hospital, about patient flow, and several processes that are not taught in the classroom. I also thought that it was a good time to move on to “bigger” and “better” things although I still don’t know what they are. Gaining some (hopefully) lifelong friends was a pleasant and unexpected bonus. 


Ignore the alcohol. We're saving lives.

I’m gonna miss everybody in that hospital. The staff nurses who are dedicated in their jobs and never had any complaints when I was placed under their care; the employees that I don’t know personally but have come to know me as the most asshole vn they ever had; even the patients who are sometimes moronic but most of the time normal. 

But what I’m gonna miss the most are my co-volunteers that have always been there through the most benign days and the most toxic shitstorms. We tried to reach out but we can’t win them all, can’t we?In the end we only had each other to get us through those times. 

Thanks for everything guys, I hate you all.:-)

Baboosh OsBin

4 thoughts on “Baboosh OsBin

  1. haha. this one’s a superb! i also thank God for giving me friends or should i say brothers/sisters like you. basta we should see to it na nagkikita tayo more often now or else mababaliw ako sa problema pucha. :))

    “accidentally hit one slightly mentally-unstable patient in the head with a metal chart. We called security.” -how can i forget? hahahaha. psycho patient. 😛 kamusta na kaya to?

    1. Rowan says:

      Na-discharge na ‘to. I was there when she got discharged and she didn’t recognize me.:)

      So I think it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be looking behind my back, waiting for her to try and extract her revenge.

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