One Of Those Days

It’s just one of those days wherein everything seems to go wrong and I’m too bored to write in some systematic way. Whenever this happens, I tend to write in bullet form kind of like this and this.

One awesome thing that happened:

Several relatives came from the States to attend my nephew’s christening. It’s nice to have them visit and spend time with us even with their hectic schedules.

Now for the shitstorm:

My hand hurts like hell and I’m still online. WTF is wrong with me? Just hours ago, I was in the emergency room of the hospital with a 2 inch laceration in my hand that needed 5 stitches and 5,ooo pesos to remedy.

Cable’s out since 2 P.M. so I’m stuck with listening to the DJs in the radio.

The new radio formula: 60% of the airtime goes to the ramblings of the DJs; 30% is for political ads; and 10% is for music, most of which is heavily auto-tuned.

I want McDo but I don’t have anybody to order with.

Does McDo still have a minimum charge for delivery?

Had a haircut earlier after months of letting my hair grow. I tried going to my regular barbershop’s competition just to check it out. It took 30 minutes longer to cut my hair. The result: I now have a Grade 2 student’s haircut. FML.

These are the moments when I absolutely hate my life.

This blog entry doesn’t make sense and the Lidocaine’s starting to wear off.

I think I need to sleep this off now.

One Of Those Days

2 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. hey how’s your hand now? hope you’re feeling better. as for mcdo, you could go ahead and order they no longer have a minimum amount for delivery but they have a delivery charge of P40.

    don’t worry about things going wrong, remember the ebb and flow of tide, when you’re at your lowest there’s nowhere else to go but up.

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