I hate reunions. Mostly because these things lose their meaning when in the company of airheads who are too eager to show off anything they have–expensive gadgets, high-paying jobs, stories about travels abroad, their weekly trips to expensive restaurants, their trophy wife/husband/significant other, their kids, etc. That’s why I don’t reply to high school reunions. Most of the stories there are exaggerations, people are either gonna fill your head with lies or try to suck on your success, and you wont remember almost half of the class anyway so why bother?

Aren’t reunions supposed to be catching up on old times? Swapping stories sans the exaggerated bullshit? Whatever happened to the old “get-together” where you’re drinking some form of alcoholic beverage and just having a good time? That’s what I like with  the friends I have, even after a long time of not seeing or talking to each other, once the universe aligns just right and our schedules meet, the “reunion” begins. Of course we still hurl insults to each other and demean them in one way or another, it’s just that we know that our insults and stories are real and not smeared with mendacity.

Yesterday, I met with old group mates of mine whom I haven’t seen in a couple of months. It’s funny how your perceptions of other people change or how people grow in the way they think in just a couple of months. It’s nice to see how they change and yet stay the same at the same time. It’s also funny how more serious (and I think, louder) the conversation gets when more alcohol gets introduced in out bloodstream. Though humble compared to those done in hotel function rooms, I think reunions should be more like this. Less of the sugarcoated bullshit and more of the substance.

Reunions are not about comparing salaries and job titles, they’re not about asking a “friend” why he still has that crappy old-model phone, and it’s not certainly about flashing money and throwing names. Reunions are about really being interested in how other people are doing, they’re about meeting other people in your friends’ lives, and just dicking around while having a good time. And certainly, reunions are about pooling whatever meager resources you have for an awesome good time.


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