Nursing Analogy

Here’s something I made for July NLE 2010 takers. I really hope you know what you’re getting into and fare better than most of us. Good luck guys!

Nursing is like getting into a relationship. You see a girl you like and you try your best to court her for four long, agonizing years. In the span of those four years, you tend to get to know her a little better.

You see some things you like; like getting to know potentially lifelong friends, great mentors, and the promise of financial stability in the future. You also see some of her flaws like Anatomy, thesis making, case presentations, and such. However, you realize that it’s her flaws that make her unique and beautiful.

After four years of tedious courting, Nursing will give you her last test. A test that decides your fate and is necessary for you to be together with her. Some of your rivals will make it, some will not. The good news is Nursing is understanding and will always give you a second chance to make her say “yes” if you still want to be with her.

After years of struggling, you and Nursing have, at last, become a couple. You go out with her regularly and discover more things that you both love and hate about her. You discover that you were not only attracted to Nursing because of the promise of financial stability, but you actually like her. You like the feeling of taking care of others and working in a hospital. You find out that the statement made by your professor about “having to love her to be with her” is true.

However, Nursing is often very elusive. She tends to get busy and not see you for weeks, months, or even years, at a time. She gets courted by thousands of people every year that she has no time for you whatsoever. It’s only your faith and love for her that keeps you hanging on.

Some do hang on and if they get lucky, Nursing eventually finds her way back to them. However, some can’t afford to wait that long and give up, settling for Nursing’s hotter, big-breasted, wealthier cousin: Call Center Industry.

Nursing Analogy

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