Week One

So, after four or five months of bitching, whining, complaining, and waiting, my dream ideal hospital finally called me up to start my orientation. I call it my “ideal” hospital because regardless of what I told the interviewers, I wasn’t applying there because I dreamed of working at my alma mater’s hospital, but because that place was the nearest tertiary hospital in the area. And considering the meager salary of nurses, it’s best for one to work near where he lives.

It’s always a bit unnerving for me to meet new people. See I’m not one who makes a good first impression. And anyone who knows me well enough knows that I easily pass judgment to other people (which is a fancy way of saying that I’m a  total jackass).

People there were nice. Scary nice, considering I’m used to working with the super awesome ONB VN jerks like me. And even if I know someone there from the previous hospital I “worked” in, he’s not in the same class of assholiness as the rest of us.

The first week was reserved for orientation. I was a bit surprised because in ONB, instead of using five days in orientation, we used five minutes then we’re on our own. I guess that’s one difference in this “big boy hospital”. Our training supervisor is great; she explicitly told us all of the rules, reminded us of general nursing procedures, and all we need to know before we start our duties in the hospital. The only problem we had are the pre- and post- tests she holds whenever we’re with her. And the first test was a killer: normal values and the names of people in the hospital! It’s like feeding Kryptonite to Superman.

I spent around ten to fifteen minutes, analyzing everything, mentally listing all pros and cons, and thinking of how this is gonna be so much different and/or difficult from the previous hospital I was so used to working in. And that’s when I realized that I was comparing my old, lovable, run-down hospital with this new one. And I guess it wasn’t fair for me to judge too early seeing that we’ve only been there for five days and I’m already comparing it to something I had for six months. I think I need some time to digest every experience in this new hospital and treat it like a new one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the same lovable jackass I am, it’s just that I am trying my darnest to fit in and make the transition easier for me. And from that point, I tried to look at things from a different perspective and painfully tried to bond with people I barely knew.

I guess sometimes, the thing you want the most is not what you expected when you finally get it. And the cliché that you’ll miss something when it’s gone doesn’t only apply in pocket books or cheesy romantic-comedies. But if you hold on and wait, and give something or someone a chance, you might be surprised to find out that even if you didn’t like the thing you thought you wanted, it just might be what you need. And who knows, you might just like what it turned out to be. 

Week One

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