Who Am I?!?!?!

One time I was pulled out to the ER to help out ease one of its nightly shitstorms, several staff members asked me if I play basketball. Apparently a bunch of the nurses form different areas play once or twice a week and are looking for new blood to spill. I politely declined the offer and told them I wasn’t really that much into it. Don’t get me wrong, I play a little basketball and love following it on TV. I’m not, however, in the same league as those who play it regularly and would probably be destroyed instantaneously while being humiliated if I ever shared a game with them.

In another conversation, one staff member asked me if I was into playing DoTA, the widely popular Warcraft expansion game. I told him I wasn’t into that game though I play online games like Counter Strike or any game as old as it was.

These conversations led me to several ephiphanies: 1. I’m getting too old to appreciate things that “kids” enjoy nowadays, 2. I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle which most probably lead to cardiovascular disease, and 3. I don’t have a “thing”.

Thinking about it more, I think that I probably still appreciate what younger people are in to, it’s just that I don’t have the patience to play a game like DoTA, or I’m not so much into shouting my lungs off and shouting profanities over pointing and clicking my cursor over a virtual mountain troll. And as for the sedentary lifestyle thing, I think that I’m just too tired after eight hours of dealing with poop, vomit, pee, and angry/weird patients to enjoy the rest of my day wearing myself out more to “relax”.

I think the thing that strikes me is that I don’t have a “thing”. You know, the one thing that defines a person. Like for example, a friend who is into basketball, or one who swims, or that old classmate that’s into writing poetry, or my brother who spends his spare time with his bands. I don’t have that.

In my spare time, I basically lounge around the house, rest my ass in the sofa, and watch the TV. Don’t get me wrong, I do a bunch of stuff, but everything seems to get more boring everytime I do it more often and then I just lose interest in it.

So I thought of things that I did before or things that I love/d doing to see if I can reconnect with them and find my “thing”. This is what I got so far:

I used to paint and draw. I used to attend in several art/painting workshops when I was younger and got recognized a number of times for my drawings/paintings. I wanted to become an art student when I graduated highschool but my parents decided to get me into Commerce in which I settled for becoming an artist for the college paper.

I used to play table tennis with my uncle who was a big time table tennis player in Bulacan, and I used to play chess when I was younger. Pretty lame sports, I know, but I can also wallclimb, play basketball, volleyball, badminton, and soccer pretty well when needed be. I’m just too lazy to exert too much effort into sports.

It’s just recently that I got into this, but I’m into writing. Actually, I’m into writing, blogging and frequenting several awesome forums. My blogging and writing skills are not that great but I’m deeply thankful for those who visit and appreciate the stupid thoughts that I put in my blog.

By this very short list, I can very much ascertain that I’m bordering geek/nerd status. Not cool, eh? Thankfully I make up for it by having an awesome people-reading/fault-finding ability that makes bumming around a very satisfying activity.

Who Am I?!?!?!

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