Something to Think Over the Week

Remember: No wasted opportunities, no regrets. Have a great week guys.:-)

Something to Think Over the Week

The Worst Thing Ever Said To Me

What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said to you? Being the jerk that I am, I am often called various names: I was called stupid, moron, loser, poor, fat, retarded, among others. I was also belittled, insulted, verbally abused, and sarcastically made fun of.

However,  all these things seem like compliments compared to the worst thing a person has ever said to me which is: you’ve changed.

To the untrained eye, that combination of words doesn’t seem to mean a lot. However, look at it more closely, and you’ll realize that it can only be said by a person with such a resounding, unrivaled hate towards you.

It is because “you’ve changed” or “nagbago ka na” denotes something negative, whichever way you look at it. One point of view is that you’ve changed for the worse, meaning you were generally an acceptable human being, even an exceptionally good one, but you’ve managed to fuck up your life so much that it prompted that other person to outwardly express the change they preceived. Although the only change they see is the destruction of their ideal image of you, it still stings a little (actually, a lot).

On the flipside, you can also look at it from the opposite angle when they tell you that you’ve changed for the good (presumably in hopes of not upsetting you too much). If you look at it that way, it seems that you’re too much of an ass before and it’s good that you’ve managed to change a little so you’re just a regular ass now.

You’re not as bad as before, but still an ass nonetheless.

Maybe i’m just paranoid, or a little pessimistic. But hearing that phrase, however harmless or unassuming the other person may mean, eats away at my soul at a slow but steady rate.

Also, I’m sure I’ll hear this phrase uttered on Monday.

The Worst Thing Ever Said To Me