The Road Not Taken

About two weeks ago, the hospital that I’ve been waiting (for what seemed like a thousand years) to call, texted me up and asked me to go there for my medical exam and completion of requirements.

Actually, they sort of told me to go there rather than asked.

When I read the poorly constructed text message, one month of hard work flashed before me. The late night shifts, the constant barrage of doctors’ orders a minute before your shift ends, handling around 30 meds, the journey to the pharmacy; all of them came back to me. Granted, a nurse’s job isn’t really easy, if you’re just gonna whine about it, better not take it. I can deal with all the shit the job has to throw, but combine it with treating you more like a robot than a person, and a salary a little lower than the average security guard, then that’s where I draw the line.

But this entry is not about that. It’s about regrets.

In life, there will always be regrets. People who tell you that they don’t have any, are downright liars. It might be a simple regret of choosing to eat at Jollibee over Chic-boy or a big one like a choice between careers. The trick is to minimize regrets and deal with it.

See, life plays this little trick on me: there’s a period of time where I sort of stay in a slump for quite a while–bored, useless, and sedentary. It’s a period where absolutely nothing (important or otherwise) happens.

But then, after some time of settling in the state of false tranquility life offers me, all the “exciting” things suddenly happen, I get a calls from some companies I never remember applying to, the referral that my friend arranged pushes through, and the call that I’ve been waiting for finally happens (see above).

I get excited for a couple of seconds before I realize that that’s the time where life kicks me in the nuts.

I have to make a decision. A big one. A decision that may not only affect the next couple of months of my life, but years, or maybe the rest of it.

Thanks Life!

Luckily, I believe that life is not made up of the large, major decisions, but the small ones. Those small decisions you make then mold you to the person you have to become to withstand life’s shit storms and be the best person you could ever be.

The decision I made two weeks ago might bite me in the ass big time when the time comes. But considering it a regret would be ridiculous. It would be downright crazy.


The Road Not Taken

2 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken

  1. chim says:

    Well I’m not a liar but I really don’t remember anything that made me regret. I mean of course, I didn’t made good decisions all the time but regret wasn’t something I look forward to in the end. For me, if I know I’ll be embarrassed about it, or regret about it, then I wouldn’t decide to go for it.

    And you’re not in your worst because if you look at my job history, it’s not something that I am proud also proud of. If you will recall, I’ve had very odd jobs, and some ended up as a nightmare diba? And I mean, I’m the EIC of CJ, I went to Beijing for my study, graduated from UST… definitely my job history wasn’t admirable as the expectations by other people (read: my mother). And even so, I didn’t regret an inch of it. I was tempted to go back to the bank but, I am not a person known to compromise. It was really hard but I got through it with a resolve that I want get this specific job and I tirelessly applied everyday. I also prayed a lot during those times. So, I guess, you just have to stick with what you want and pray.

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