Road Trip: Binondo (Estero)

I was meaning to write something about this trip but it happened months ago and I didn’t realize that this was still on my hard drive.


I have vague memories of this day, partly because of the amount of time that passed since we went here, and partly because I stayed awake for around 20 hours just to eat at this place.


The things I do for food.

My friend Jasper has been raving about Estero, a restaurant in Binondo, a couple of weeks before we went there so we were stoked to go there and eat good (and authentic Chinese) food at a reasonable price. Also, in spite of spending a lot of time near that area, I haven’t been in China Town so we also decided to have a little tour of the area. So, on a Saturday, after the shift, we immediately boarded a bus on a quest for frog legs. And since I already forgot everything we ordered, I’m just gonna show stolen borrowed photos from Jasper’s page.

More pictures after the cut.



Several churches in the area:

Mejo artistic din ‘tong si Jasper eh, no?

Road Trip: Binondo (Estero)

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