The RH Bill Debacle

Surprise. Here’s a blog entry about the RH bill. For those who don’t know, it’s an issue wherein almost everybody has an opinion on that it makes talking about it almost repulsive. But I happened to catch ANC’s debate about it so here I go.

No, I won’t pretend I know everything about the RH bill. Everything I know, I learned from the media (which is, almost all the time, biased), and by going to church (which is as biased as the media).

And with all those talks and debates, and sign-flashings, and the threats of excommunications, and “retired” bishops looking very much not retired, there are a bunch of things I learned from all these hullabaloo:

Talking and debating about it, although looks productive at first, is such a waste of time and energy. Each side gives out their points (valid or not), but the opposing side is just going to reject it and most won’t even stop and consider the argument. They are just too steadfast in their beliefs that they aren’t open to the possibility of change.

Both sides do stupid antics that aren’t really necessary. The church uses its homilies to talk about thier stand about the RH bill whether it has meaning or not to the gospel, some attack personalities on a personal level (what does the RH bill have to do with Aquino’s lovelife? Why do we have to go there?), and others seem intent of denying people choices and information about their own bodies (it sort of feels like the middle ages where the church burned books that opposed their beliefs).

On the other hand, pro-RH bills (well, some of them) do immature acts to antagonize the church. Haven’t you heard of talking and respecting the opinions of others? Shenanigans like that only turns people off and makes your argument less believable and less serious. Just present people with your facts, most of them aren’t stupid. They don’t need your big show of spectacle.

Anyway, with all the issues and personalities involved in this bill, it’s easy to forget simple, civilized, manners like respecting other people’s choices and not imposing your beliefs on others.

Another thing, people are still going to do what they want to do, regardless of the bill’s outcome, so it seems a little unneccessary to make yourself look stupid in front of thousands of viewers. So why bother?

The RH Bill Debacle