Just when I was about to give up on Humanity…

Last week, I (stupidly) left my glasses and wallet on top of my locker. I was actually on the fence about it because I’m not sure if I really left it there or I put it inside the locker.

Later that night, I hurriedly checked inside my locker to see if I was just a little confused or I was just being a lazy dumbass. Apparently, I was a dumbass.

My things were gone. I checked the top of the locker, hoping for a miracle that people would’ve left my things there. Turns out, people don’t just leave wallets or glasses when they see them lying around (except for me).

I went to the guard, still praying to the Lord Almighty that someone with a golden heart turned over my things to them. After filing out several paperwork, and carefully construct detailed descriptions of my things (“Yung wallet ko? Brown tapos may pera!”), someone really did turn over my things to the guard’s station!

I grabbed my things, grabbed a pen, and wrote down the name of the person who returned my stuff. I thanked the guard and went up to the office hoping to find that helpful Samaritan and thank her properly. I was grinning from ear to ear and told my officemate what happened.

After telling the story animatedly to her, happily telling her how awesome this person is for surrendering my things (hey, it’s still money) to the guard, my officemate calmly told me, “Ano ka ba, binalik nya lang yun kasi may CCTV dun and may na-fire na dati dahil hindi sinurrender yung gamit.”

My officemate, what a spirit crusher.

Just when I was about to give up on Humanity…

3 thoughts on “Just when I was about to give up on Humanity…

  1. Bihira na yung mga tao na ganyan! And I wanna believe she returned it because she thinks it’s the right thing to do and not because there’s CCTV :p

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