Looking back, looking forward

Last January, I wrote a post saying that 2010 “has been the year of disappointments and A LOT of waiting.” Now, as we welcome 2012, I’m glad to say that the past year has been a significant improvement compared to 2010.

In the same post, I wrote that I hoped to “go to places I haven’t been to, and experience things I haven’t experienced”, which I’m happy to say that I did. I was able to meet adventurous new friends that were able to take me food tripping and photowalking in Binondo, camping at Anawangin,visting Marinduque, road tripping in Pangasinan, and exploring (and almost dying in) Cebu.

This year didn’t come without crazy ups and downs: I became friends with several awesome people at work, some have left but were replaced by equally amazing people, I bought a notebook that was eventually stolen and was immediately replaced with a sexier notebook. I was also able to enroll and finish module one of my French language classes at Alliance Française de Manille and I was also able to buy an Android device which was the first real expensive(?) thing I bought since I bought my old, trusty Nokia 6600 (I’m cheap, what can I say).

Last year, I was also complaining of my lack of direction in my so-called career. I think I started to do something about it when I applied, and got the RTA apprentice job at work. I know it’s not that big of a deal, doesn’t pay a single centavo more than my current pay (boo!), and causes me to be hated constantly by people I yell at; but it’s the new tools, new lessons that I learn that keep me wanting to learn more about how the industry works. And hopefully, it’ll be a step towards finally finding the direction I’m always looking for.

Hopefully, the next year brings us more blessings and more experiences. More friends, good health and more chances to be a better us. I’m not really into resolutions but mine falls to the lines of  getting a better health, 365 photos, 100 movies, 50 books. I’ll work on the specifics within the year. Have a great year you guys!

Looking back, looking forward

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