Comment dit-on “Nosebleed” en français?

Last November, I enrolled in Basic French Language classes in Alliance française de Manille. I initially planned to enroll in Spanish lessons in Instituto Cervantes but the schedule and the proximity of the school makes it hard for me to attend the classes.

I never realized that learning a new language can be fun (and too damn expensive!), AfM makes it more interesting by having the instructor not say a single English or Tagalog word during class hours. Anyway, here’s what I learned after 48 hours of French Language classes:

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Rowan, j’ai vingt-sept ans. Je suis philippins. J’etudie le français à l’Alliance française de Manille. J’habite à Laguna, mais je travaille dans Alabang. J’adore l’art, l’écriture et les voyages. Je rêve de voyager sur les sept continents et à être un bon père à l’avenir. Au revoir!

I basically learned how to write a boring online dating profile. LOL!

Even so, I’m back for Module 2, and I hope to be patient (and loaded) enough to stick to this until I get to converse properly in French without looking at my notes all the time. Wish me luck and au revoir!

Photo credit: AfM website.

You can contact  Alliance Française de Manille at:

Alliance Française de Manille
209 Nicanor Garcia Street,
Bel-Air II, Makati City,
Tel.: +63 2 895 7585
+63 2 895 7441
Fax.:+63 2 899 3654

Comment dit-on “Nosebleed” en français?

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