I started blogging more than 10 years ago. 

I was in my early 20s, so I didn’t limit myself to a specific subject, or think about topic cohesion. It was nothing special or fancy – I just wanted a space in the internet to dump my thoughts.

Before this WordPress blog, I used to have a blogspot one, and a Multiply one. I was inspired by the different bloggers who I’ve met online. They had different styles, topics, and humor, which somehow influenced how I wrote in my entries. 

It’s funny reading the old, cringe-worthy posts that I have in here. 

It doesn’t only show how immature I was, it also shows how much I’ve changed regarding the way I write, and in terms of my thoughts and beliefs.

Fast forward to today, 2017. 

I’m not even sure people read blogs anymore. I’ve had to update some links that I have since most of the people I know have either stopped blogging, or moved to a different medium. 

Also, most people nowadays have such short attention spans, that we resort to reading blurbs, and quotes in fancy fonts which we pass off as blog posts. 

To each his own, right? 

I’m not saying that anything in here will have more substance than anything written elsewhere. If anyone finds anything useful in here, great. Otherwise, so be it. 

In the end, I really just wanted to have my little space in the internet back.