I started blogging more than 10 years ago. 

I was in my early 20s, so I didn’t limit myself to a specific subject, or think about topic cohesion. It was nothing special or fancy – I just wanted a space in the internet to dump my thoughts.

Before this WordPress blog, I used to have a blogspot one, and a Multiply one. I was inspired by the different bloggers who I’ve met online. They had different styles, topics, and humor, which somehow influenced how I wrote in my entries. 

It’s funny reading the old, cringe-worthy posts that I have in here. 

It doesn’t only show how immature I was, it also shows how much I’ve changed regarding the way I write, and in terms of my thoughts and beliefs.

Fast forward to today, 2017. 

I’m not even sure people read blogs anymore. I’ve had to update some links that I have since most of the people I know have either stopped blogging, or moved to a different medium. 

Also, most people nowadays have such short attention spans, that we resort to reading blurbs, and quotes in fancy fonts which we pass off as blog posts. 

To each his own, right? 

I’m not saying that anything in here will have more substance than anything written elsewhere. If anyone finds anything useful in here, great. Otherwise, so be it. 

In the end, I really just wanted to have my little space in the internet back.


Little Pooper

Dear Gwen,

Today, you projectile-pooped while your mom was changing your diaper. You got poop all over her arms, legs, and the bed. We laughed because while gross, you were still cute as hell.



Little Pooper

On character building

The bad thing about being so gifted, talented, rich, or given all the necessary resources to be successful; is that one often just pins their entire future relying on these gifts, completely ignoring the need for character and discipline.

Remember: talent only gets you so far, what you do beyond that is what makes you great.

On character building

28 Things

  1. Not everything you need to learn, you learn in kindergarten. I’m sorry, but the guy who said you can learn “everything you need to learn in life, you will learn in kindergarten”, is stupid. You only learn about life by living it. Heck, I’m almost 30 and I still don’t know shit.
  2. Nobody is THAT special. You can be the smartest, most beautiful, or most talented schmuck in your little circle, but there’s always someone who’s smarter, more beautiful, and more talented than you are in the world. No one is indispensible.
  3. Be nice to people. You never know when your paths will cross and how big that person’s influence in your life will be.
  4. Love your family. You might have several disagreements, but your family is, and will always be your family. They will be the ones who will stay when your so-called friends leave you hanging dry.
  5. Have a pet. Treat them like part of the family, but don’t treat them like babies.
  6. Nothing is ever set in stone. Don’t believe in impossible.
  7. It never hurts to have a plan, but…
  8. Sometimes, you have to be prepared to just wing it.
  9. Travel. Travel whenever your budget or time permits it. Soak up the culture of the place. Go where the locals go, eat where the locals eat. Don’t be a tourist.
  10. Live within your means. Save. Don’t splurge but don’t be too frugal either. Treat yourself once in a while.
  11. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you can do something about a problem, do everything humanly possible to solve it. If you already did your best, and you still can’t solve it, leave it to God’s (or Allah’s, Buddha’s, Faith’s, The Universe’s, Tom Cruise’s, or whatever-Supreme-Being-you-believe-in’s) hands.
  12. You are not invincible. Don’t think you’re going to be healthy forever. Invest in your health, not on washboard abs.
  13. Always try to be a better version of yourself every day. Even in small things, always strive to be a better you.
  14. Sleep.
  15. If you make mistakes, take steps to redeem yourself.
  16. Make time for those who mean a lot to you.
  17. Don’t let a small argument ruin a great friendship.
  18. Never regret spending money on two things: Food, and Books.
  19. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. As Kurt Vonnegut said, “Unannounced changes in life’s itineraries are like dancing lessons from God.”
  20. Everything’s a miracle.
  21. Read. Write. Draw. Do something creative. Let me rephrase; Read a lot, write a lot, draw a lot. I can’t stress this lesson enough.
  22. Always try to look for something to be grateful for.
  23. Find what you love and pursue the hell out of it. Don’t ever, EVER give up.
  24. “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca
  25. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Probably one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned.
  26. Not everyone will like you. Deal with it.
  27. Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.” – Michael Caine.
  28. Don’t depend on others (or some list on the internet) to tell you how to live. Live your own life. Savor both the great, and the shitty parts of it. Because in the end, it’s your experiences that shape who you are, and what tiny influence you might leave after you bite the dust.
28 Things

Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hour is this Saturday, 8.30pm. I’ve been participating in the Earth Hour for the last couple of years, and contrary to what some morons believe, it’s not about the number of watts we save in one hour; it’s the gesture that we are willing to do something for the environment, and the awareness it brings to people.

I just hope the message doesn’t get lost in all the media coverage and the ridiculous parties that the Earth Hour brings.

Earth Hour 2012

Why I Studied French

Module 2 of French classes ended last Sunday. It was an absolutely amazing experience learning a foreign language, especially one as beautiful as French, being taught by an equally amazing professor.

When I first decided to learn French, I was thinking that it would be a great addition to my repertoire of skills if (and when) I decide to try to dabble in something new for my career. But when I think about it, it’s not really the reason why I fell in love with the language.

People in class have their own reasons why they enrolled in class. Being under the Spanish rule for nearly 400 years, and Spanish being one of the more “popular” languages there is, it’s really more practical for one to enroll in Spanish classes instead.

However, aside from being less popular (and more conyo. lol.), the ultimate reason that tilted my decision in studying French is this song. Bonus points if you know where this is from without Google-ing it.

To my classmates, à bientôt! Until the next module!

Why I Studied French