Why I Studied French

Module 2 of French classes ended last Sunday. It was an absolutely amazing experience learning a foreign language, especially one as beautiful as French, being taught by an equally amazing professor.

When I first decided to learn French, I was thinking that it would be a great addition to my repertoire of skills if (and when) I decide to try to dabble in something new for my career. But when I think about it, it’s not really the reason why I fell in love with the language.

People in class have their own reasons why they enrolled in class. Being under the Spanish rule for nearly 400 years, and Spanish being one of the more “popular” languages there is, it’s really more practical for one to enroll in Spanish classes instead.

However, aside from being less popular (and more conyo. lol.), the ultimate reason that tilted my decision in studying French is this song. Bonus points if you know where this is from without Google-ing it.

To my classmates, à bientôt! Until the next module!

Why I Studied French

Comment dit-on “Nosebleed” en français?

Last November, I enrolled in Basic French Language classes in Alliance française de Manille. I initially planned to enroll in Spanish lessons in Instituto Cervantes but the schedule and the proximity of the school makes it hard for me to attend the classes.

I never realized that learning a new language can be fun (and too damn expensive!), AfM makes it more interesting by having the instructor not say a single English or Tagalog word during class hours. Anyway, here’s what I learned after 48 hours of French Language classes:

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Rowan, j’ai vingt-sept ans. Je suis philippins. J’etudie le français à l’Alliance française de Manille. J’habite à Laguna, mais je travaille dans Alabang. J’adore l’art, l’écriture et les voyages. Je rêve de voyager sur les sept continents et à être un bon père à l’avenir. Au revoir!

I basically learned how to write a boring online dating profile. LOL!

Even so, I’m back for Module 2, and I hope to be patient (and loaded) enough to stick to this until I get to converse properly in French without looking at my notes all the time. Wish me luck and au revoir!

Photo credit: AfM website.

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Comment dit-on “Nosebleed” en français?