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The Lazy Bibliophile

I’m the kind of person who’ve always loved books and reading (read: nerd). And even though I’m not a good writer or a technical book reviewer, I’ve always appreciated the written arts. I often wonder how some people have no inkling or drive to read. It feels so abnormal.

I’ve always admired writers that are able to masterfully put their thoughts into a blank sheet of paper and take us to other, unexplored places and experiences.

However, for someone who loves books and reading, I’m also notoriously lazy. Since I get bored easily, which I should really get checked (ADD?), I tend to read my books halfway and move on to a different activity like internet, DVDs, and sometimes even other books.

Since September is the International Literacy month, I’m going to make a stand against procrastination and go through some books that I’ve been meaning to buy (and read, of course), and I’m not going to make another book purchase unless I finish each and every one on this damn list.

May God have mercy on my soul.

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The Lazy Bibliophile